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October 19,  2014 – Redding, CA

I (Chuck) met a couple with a baby in the Healing Rooms Saturday. She had been in pain with complications in her female organs for 8 years, unable to conceive, and the doctors finally told her they must do a complete hysterectomy. She came to the Healing Rooms 3 years ago and then went in for surgery. Doctors discovered everything had somehow “changed” inside and cancelled the hysterectomy, and the couple returned Saturday to Bethel to introduce me to their son, the beautiful, healthy, fat little miracle child! Thank You for Your goodness toward us, God! May this story of Your goodness heal barren wombs today.

September 9, 2014 – Redding, CA

A woman had her ear drum removed when she was 11 years old because of severe infection. In the Healing Rooms her ear opened up and she can hear with that same ear! It’s that Healer again, doing wonders. Jesus!

August 17, 2014 – Redding, CA

9 months ago I prayed for a 3 month old baby who had two, gross cancerous tumors on her eye. Today I got to hold her and look into her clear, tumor-free blue eyes! No greater thrill; the Healer is up to His miracles again…

August 12, 2014 USA She was riddled with pain, head to toe, so we started at the top with her headache. “What are you feeling that’s different?” I asked. She had a puzzled look that turned to a sweet expression of amazement and joy: “It’s GONE!” Then the bone spur in her neck and the restricted, painful movement. As she turned her head her eyes lit up: “There’s NO PAIN!” Next the hiatal hernia; again: “I can’t feel it. It doesn’t hurt!” One by one Jesus took her pain and I marveled at the radiant joy that replaced it on her face. You are beautiful, Jesus.

July 26th, 2014 – Redding Healing Rooms

A woman received prayer for arthritis in her wrist and thumb. She’s had immobility for a year, but after receiving prayer she had complete restoration of mobility and was able to clap with no pain. She had gold dust all over her hands.

A man with cerebral palsy, who required a walker to walk, received prayer and was able to walk on his own.

A man from Santa Barbara, CA  had a walnut-sized lump on the back of his neck for over a year and pain at a level 4 or 5. Today the lump disappeared and his pain level went to 0.

July 19th, 2014 – Redding Healing Rooms

A woman here for school of worship came in today with no intention of asking for prayer for being bow-legged her entire life, but she heard the Lord say to write it down as she began feeling something different in her legs during the first class. After she was received prayer, she sat down on the floor and realized her legs were straight!

A woman with torn cartilage in her knee could not run or jump but is now able jump and jog around.

The clot in someone’s leg dissolved and the feeling returned to the feet

July 17, 2014 – Rez Healing Conference

Loveland. CO. USA

Tumors and cysts dissolved today ~ they just went! Woman with cancer experienced all the severe pain in her bones leave. Another woman’s brain was injured when cancer was treated by chemo and she FELT both sides of her brain come back together! A woman born without a uterus started cramping for the first time. Lots of pain and injuries healed. God’s goodness restored people into joy today!


July 17, 2014 – Rez Healing Conference

Loveland. CO. USA

July 16-18  2014 Loveland CO testimonies: A woman arrived at conference with digestive problems from Leaky Gut Syndrome. She almost couldn’t come and had been in bed sick the first night. Stomach pain was called out and she stood up. No more pain or symptoms!

A woman said that she has had IBS and on Wednesday night Chuck asked if anyone had pain. Her colon was inflamed and hurting. So she stood up.  A co-worker who was with her prayed and she felt a cooling sensation spread across her midsection. Her colon no longer hurts and she didn’t have a heavy full feeling anymore.


July 17, 2014 – Rez Healing Conference

Loveland. CO. USA

A man said that he was battling a fresh cold virus when he cam in on Wednesday evening. His throat was sore. When he received ministry the sore throat left and the rest of the symptoms were gone by Friday afternoon.

A man came to the conference and he had hit his thumb with a hammer TWICE! The day before. He thought it was broken because it was swollen and purple and extremely sore. At the conference on Wed night he was being prayed for, for something else and afterwards he noticed that his thumb was no longer hurting. The color was the same as his other fingers and the swelling had gone! All that was left was a little bit of bruising under the nail. Praise God!


July 14 – 17, 2014 – Rez Healing Conference

Loveland. CO. USA

A man came whose ankle was crushed by a horse into 21 pieces. It has been fused for 30 years and in pain and stiff. The pain is gone and the ankle has movement

A woman came in with lower back pain and pain in her right knee. She was healed as soon as the crew spike about her pain. Chuck put hi hand on her head and she felt her brain move….. she doesn’t know what that means but she loved how God massaged her brain lol!

A woman came in who’s right knee and leg were always inflamed and stiff. After prayer she felt the swelling leave and she said that it now feels light and free.

July 12th, 2014 – Redding Healing Rooms

A father testified that a little over three years ago his wife was told she miscarried her baby. She got prayer at Bethel while the baby was still in the womb and their baby Joy was born a few months later. The girl is 2.4 years old now.

July 5th, 2014 – Redding Healing Rooms

A lady from Kernan, CA broke her back six years ago as she was carrying boxes at the end of a school year. Ever since then, she couldn’t lift her arms above her shoulders without excruciating pain. In the Encountering the Healer class, the teacher, told the class to close their eyes and let the Holy Spirit come in. Darlene did and felt the Holy Spirit. Then she was able to raise her arms up all the way without pain!




June 16, 2014

2 weeks ago in Redding my team prayed over a handkerchief to send to a woman in her 30s with terminal cancer. I lost it so we prayed over another one and sent it off. A week later in St Petersburg, Russia I was getting ready to teach at a Healing Conference and discovered the hanky in my back pocket. Surprised, I sensed the Lord say: “It is for a woman in her 30s with cancer in the auditorium tonight.” So I asked the assembly of over 300 people if there was a woman in her 30s with cancer. Only the one lovely woman in this photo stood up, and when I gave her the hanky 50% of the intense pain in her body left immediately and she was filled with joy. The cancer had metastasized through her right side and she was on pain meds, so she stopped taking them. The next night ALL the pain left. She slept completely through the night PAIN FREE for the next 2 nights. Before she returned home (over 2 hours away by plane) she told me with joy & awe: “It’s a miracle! I didn’t ever know God thought about us like this.”


June 13, 2014 St Petersburg, Russia

At the age of 74 a lady’s knees were just healed so she danced in worship from midnight until 1:00 a.m. and kept hugging and kissing me and telling me she loves me!


June 12, 2014 St Petersburg Russia People healed in God’s Presence during worship in the morning; more people healed as they “danced and/or walked through the River” after lunch with no one praying for them; even more people healed as we called out Words of Knowledge and they stood in response in the evening; and the way most healed as we and those who had not been healed cheered, danced and celebrated the breakthrough of those who had already received their miracle, while the band played a rousing number. And then a woman came up with tears in her eyes and said: “The pain ~ it’s ALL GONE!!!” I love playing the “works that I do… ” game with Jesus.

June 7th 2014 Redding Healing Rooms, Skype testimony:

A caller wrote, “My mom has been having dizziness and fainting, and is not hearing in one ear. Also, she is very weak.” The mom felt God’s peace enter her. The Lord gradually opened her ear during the Skype conversation!  Praise God! She also no longer felt dizzy or weak!

A woman from Redding, California, has had a hollow wisdom tooth for eight years.  Any time she touched it, the pain level was a “sharp- stabby” pain of 10 out of 10.  The team prayed for her, and she felt a “good type of pressure” when they laid hands on her jaw. Then she was sitting down soaking and tested out her tooth.  She could touch her tooth without experiencing any pain!


A woman from Twain Harte, California came two weeks ago for the healing school. Her floaters went away at the conference.  A few days later, she noticed her vision was blurry with her glasses on. She took off her glasses while she was driving, which she never does, she said, and her distance vision was restored.  She could read all of the signs perfectly. Now she needs to take off her glasses when looking in the distance. Her glasses are too strong now, and she noticed that her close up vision is gradually improving, as well. For example, she can read my nametag across the table, whereas before it would have been blurry.  She has worn glasses for 30 years.


A woman from Redding, California has had knee pain that has been off and on.  If she squats, the pain is really bad and at level 7 out of 10.  the prayer servant put her finger on her knee and said, “Bam,” and the pain decreased by half.  Then they took turns praying until all of the pain disappeared.  She tested it out by squatting, and there was no more pain.


May 24th, 2014 Healing School, Redding, CA


A man from Victorville, CA came to the healing rooms his hands had been stiff, painful, and “locked up,” causing trouble at work. As he walked into the building, they stopped hurting, and full mobility was restored.


A woman from Victorville, CA  had sciatic nerve and chronic back pain, always felt a wall, but when the teacher in  Encountering the Healer was speaking truths about healing, she received them and felt heat and tingling going through her sciatic nerve and her back, and her pain lessened. Then, as she received prayer in the Healing Rooms, the prayer servants directed her to “woof, woof,” and her back pain decreased even more. Then they had her husband blow on the remaining cramped, stiff and painful area, and she felt her whole back relax and all the pain left.


May 23rd 2014 Redding CA     Last night our team prayed for a woman missing two teeth and she woke up this morning with a fully formed, brand new tooth in her mouth. Next ones coming… That’s remarkable. That’s Jesus!


May 22nd 2014 Healing School, Redding CA     700 people went through our Healing Rooms in three and a half hours tonight: deaf ears opened, pain left all parts of bodies, shoulders, necks, backs, knees all HEALED!! Thanks to all our amazing teams who showed up and mostly to Jesus who always shows up.


May 19th 2014 Healing School, Redding, CA      510 people were healed in our first night of Bethel’s Healing School (The Hem of His Garment) out of a group of around 700. One man who had a titanium strap across his neck can no longer feel it and has full motion now. Another man tore his rotator cuff last week which needed surgery and couldn’t raise his arms, but now he can with NO pain. The Healer showed up at the Healing School! Jesus rocks!


May 17th 2014     Praying for a man’s knee when we all smelled the distinct odor of burning metal! He felt around but could no longer find the screws there; instead he FELT metal turning into bone. (What does THAT feel like??) Then he could bend his knee and walk with NO pain for the first time since surgery. How does God do that? He’s amazing.


May 10th 2014 Redding CA. Healing Rooms

A man from Huntington Beach, CA  was a surfing instructor. A surfboard hit him and broke his neck last August. He had surgery and five metal plates were put in his neck. The doctors said the surgery failed and that he needed two more surgeries. He was also diagnosed with spinal stenosis. He hasn’t been able to move his neck very much since then. He could only move it side to side a little bit, and the pain would be at a level 8 when he would move his neck.  He came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for something other than his neck. In the Encountering the Healer class, the teacher asked who had problems with their neck. He raised his hand and tested it out. He discovered that he had full mobility with no pain!


A man from Los Osos, CA  came for prayer for mild scoliosis, knee pain, and a shoulder injury.  He hurt his left shoulder five years ago while he was wrestling. After receiving prayer, he could do a squat without shooting pain in his knee and push-ups without pain in his shoulder. Tension in his back left and his hips are aligned.



May 5th 2014 Redding CA. Healing Rooms


A woman from Brazil  came to the Healing Rooms with a deformed arm (twisted). She was not in pain, and the deformity had been caused by an accident that she was in when she was seven years old. When she received prayer today, she felt her bones move inside of her arm, felt tingling, and her arm twisted back into its normal place 16 years after the accident.


A man from Japan suffering from Spinocerebellar ataxia degeneration disease was able to jump today for the first time in four years after receiving prayer. He felt heat going through his body, and his walking improved.


A woman from Redding, CA  has had weak adrenal glands for about 40 years.  They have been acting up a lot the past few days because of her family’s move.  She said they were the worst they have ever been these past two days.  Her adrenal glands produce a lot of adrenaline, which makes her react to the smallest things.  She often feels angry over little things, etc.  When the team prayed for her, she felt like something was “picked out of her,” and then something was “placed into her.” She said it felt like a “transaction.”  Then she had a random thought that she wanted to go running, which she normally would never want to do because of the constant fatigue she experiences; normally the thought of making dinner would overwhelm her.  She felt that this was confirmation from the Lord that He had healed her.


April 26, 2014 Redding CA. Healing Rooms


A woman from Brentwood, CA  has had problems with her knees for the past eight years and was scheduled to have two knee replacements next month. Both knees were bone on bone, with no cartilage. They bled inside and had to be drained periodically. She had braces on her legs to help her walk and she could not get up from sitting in a chair without using her hands to boost herself, and even then it would be very painful. She had a 10 out of 10 pain level this morning. After receiving prayer several times, she could walk without the braces, get out of chair without using her hands, and hold her leg straight out. Her knees were pain free as well!


A lady from Redding, CA  has had severe dry eyes since 2012. She could only treat them with artificial tears because she was allergic to all the medications. She had a special tube inserted in her tear duct to try to moisten her left eye, but it did not help. When she cried the tears would just roll off her eyes and not moisten her eyes. Today she felt a heat all over her body when she received prayer and then her eyes teared up and felt 90% moister.


April 19, 2014 Redding CA Healing Rooms


A woman from Pasadena, CA. was in the Encountering the Healer Room, when she felt heat in her neck. While she was waiting for prayer servants in the Encounter Room, her hearing aids became full of static. So she took them out to adjust them and realized she could hear the same without them in her ears. She has worn hearing aids in both ears for the last five years. She is now fully healed and does not need her hearing aids to hear.


A woman from New York, New York came in with an autoimmune disorder that presents with severely dry eyes. She has had symptoms for about five years and hasn’t been able to use contacts for the last year because of it. After prayer, her eyes are now moist, her vision is clearer, and she is able to put in her contact lenses with comfort. She left healed and seeing clearer than she has before.


Another woman had “drop foot” related to MS and was using a cane to help her walk. She had to drag her foot, could not dance, and could not lift her leg. After prayer, she was able to lift her leg and walk without the cane.



April 12, 2014 Redding CA Healing Rooms


A man from Ridgefield, WA came to the healing rooms. He had back and neck problems, so the prayer servants suggested they check the length of his legs.  They found one leg was shorter than the other so they prayed and as it grew out he felt the joy of the Lord.  When he stood up he felt that his spine, which was previously curved, was straight. He could stand up straight and his shoulders were level with each other.

He also had dyslexia his whole life. As they prayed for him he felt a sensation of fire and water on his mind and also like he was getting a new body, soul, and spirit.  He tested it out by reading a book and was able to read faster than he ever has before!


* A woman from Fountain Hills, AZ came into the healing rooms today. She has had ear problems most of her life, but she didn’t come in specifically for prayer for her hearing. She had a titanium inner ear implanted ten years ago and it stopped working a few years ago, so she could not hear out of that ear.  In the Encounter Room she felt air going out of her ear and then realized she could hear! She did come in to receive prayer for pain she had in her hands and neck caused by a bus accident in 1963.  The bus she was in rolled over a mountainside. Today the pain level of 8 in her hands and 5 in her neck disappeared after prayer.





April 13, 2014 Switzerland.     2 years in a wheelchair. Tonight he was able to move all his fingers and his hands. He typed out on a phone: “I want to walk,” and took a lap around the building!!!!!!— in Le Locle, Switzerland.


April 10, 2014   Switzerland.     A woman came back the second night we were in Aubonne and said her daughter caught her walking down stairs without holding on, limping, or in pain. She wrote: “Thank you so much ~ for the first time in 6 years I don’t feel any pain in my body: my legs, my feet, and my hips two sides. What a great victory… 2.5 months after staying in bed, no walking possible, and terrible pain for the rewalking. And today it stopped. Hallelujah!… Everywhere I go or am now I open my hands and listen to the Holy Spirit to see what He wants to do. At home, in the train, in the church ….I get totally addicted.” Merci Jesus. Healing’s gonna break out…





April 7, 2014, Switzerland     Another packed house last night with many miracles in Le Locle. One woman was hitchhiking to the hospital and was picked up by our host. (We’re staying in a huge stone farmhouse built in the 1600s) He invited her to the healing meeting and at the end we asked people to share what God had done. She came up beaming and hugged me, overflowing with joy as she said that ALL pain had left her back and she had just received her life back. Thank You God for that Divine setup.



April 5, 2014 Redding Healing Rooms.    Last September a gentleman from Germany received prayer in the Healing Rooms for a food-related disease that he had had for 15 years. The disease kept him from eating many different types of food. When he received prayer back in September of 2013, there was no change or sign of healing. Then two months ago, five months after receiving prayer, he tried to eat what he couldn’t, and he was fine. Totally healed, five months after receiving prayer!  He came to back to share his testimony as an encouragement to those who don’t see immediate sings of healing.



April 5, 2014 Redding Healing Rooms.    A woman from Roseville, California broke her neck in 2004 and has experienced back and neck pain ever since.  The team prayed, and the pain went from a 7 to a 5, and then from a 5 to a 3.  Then the pain went from a 3 to 0.  She can move it now with no pain. They also prayed for the four bulging discs in her lower back.  Usually the pain is at a 7 or an 8; now it is at a 1.  Last night she came to the service and got prayer for her diabetes. The number is normally at 600 (which is so severe a person with this level can go into a diabetic coma).  Then, this morning before she came to the Healing Rooms she checked it, and it was at 119.  It is normally over 300 in the morning.  She just checked again in the Healing Rooms after receiving prayer, and the number is 84, which is a normal number for someone without diabetes.



March 25, 2014 Dayton Ohio.     In the last 5 minutes of the meeting in a large church, I didn’t want to miss a chance at miracles so I asked everyone with pain or sickness to stand. Over 100 people responded. On impulse I asked them to do a prophetic act and reach out and push the lever and flush their condition ~ complete with sound effects. Everyone around them laughed and released God’s love on them for 30 seconds and they checked out their symptoms. Over 100 people waved their hands indicating those symptoms were GONE!


One woman had had a stroke last fall. She had no feeling in her whole left side, was deaf in her right ear, and had no peripheral vision. When she heard the flushing sound she felt a cool breeze on the back of her neck and down her left side. All feeling was restored, her deaf ear popped open, and peripheral vision returned!


God, You completely amaze me with Your radical, crazy love!



March 22, 2014 Dayton Ohio.     Back in Ohio! Wow, so many healings: torn meniscus is doing deep knee squats, rheumatoid arthritis pain went from 9 to 0, heart disorder came into order, and on and on… Some healed as they simply experience His Presence. I think God loves Ohio.




March 14, 2014 New Mexico U S A     This little hero was bitten by a rattlesnake last summer on a rural ranch. He was only 11 months old. I was with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Tiff when the call came to PRAY! They rushed him a great distance to a hospital. 36 hours later he walked out completely fine, blowing the Toxicologist’s mind. I just got to meet him 6 months later and you can’t even find a scar. Thank You Jesus that Your life-giving power trumps death.







February 23, 2014  Columbus, Ohio     Oh my, so many miracles in Ohio! And I just fell in love with a whole great big new family here. And here’s a first: I saw a bunch of Amish folk filled with the Holy Spirit get wrecked in a Fire Tunnel. That was fun!



February 12, 2014 Near Redding CA.  I got to watch a man do squats who had been in a traumatic car wreck only a year ago. His tendons were severed, knee shattered, tibia split, femur broken. Metal rods and pins held him together, and he couldn’t bend, kneel, or walk, and was alway in pain. Suddenly he can walk, kneel, squat, and has NO PAIN! Jesus changed it all in a moment and gave him his life back! I love Jesus.




January 7, 2014 near Redding CA     A man wept as his deaf right ear opened up in the Healing Rooms. As we shared his healing over the mic, a man across the room took out the hearing aid in his “good” left ear and it and his deaf right ear opened at the same time. “You’re too LOUD,” he exclaimed as I asked him about it. We shared their stories in the next room over the mic and a woman came up who was deaf from birth in her right ear. Guess what? It popped open!! Who’s next?


December 14,2013 near Redding CA.     A husband embraced me with great joy today in the Healing Rooms. Last spring he brought his wife who was severely ill with lupus and we prayed for her. Today he told me she has been completely healthy since then! That’s Good News ~ Jesus rocks!


Ministry Trip to France- October 2013

Report from one of our team members:

At La Rochelle:

Many people with floaters healed.

A blind eye recovered sight.

3 people had short legs grow out.

Christian (our host) had prayer for back problems and received healing, now able to touch his toes without pain; even 2 days later he still was without pain.


At Rennes:

Person suffering shoulder hip and knee pain. Pain left the hip and knee and reduced significantly to shoulder.

Irene healed from injury to shoulder and all pain gone. Several days later her husband told us she was still completely free from pain.


At Nantes:

Legs grew out thus relieving all back pain.

Words of knowledge released leading to healing to the worship drummer’s back and headache over the eyes.

Many touched with joy and laughter.

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