How do You do it? 
The way You keep pulling me into the NOW
with these amazing moments that take my breath away.
A sunset…
While the world is pressing and compressing me,
narrowing my options,
just then I step outside
and there it is…
But You’d been spinning it for awhile
while I didn’t notice, lost in thoughts; thinking myself asunder.
Suddenly comes crashing in and stops me
with perfect peace…
And wild pinks and purples, gold and orange
explode across the sky…
as sun kisses earth goodnight and sinks
leaving an all-embracing stillness that redefines my heart.
How did You do that?
That subtle way Your love and beauty and extravagance
redirect me.
You are making me resolve to always live in NOW,
that eternal resting place
where war and adventure and striving and compassion
all find their end in You,
and all the yearnings of my heart are stilled and come to rest
as they see fulfillment in the Secret Place
before ever I walk them out in time.
Thank You for making a place for me
in You
so that where You are I may be also.

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