Rez Healing Conference

Loveland. CO. USA

Tumors and cysts dissolved today ~ they just went! Woman with cancer experienced all the severe pain in her bones leave. Another woman’s brain was injured when cancer was treated by chemo and she FELT both sides of her brain come back together! A woman born without a uterus started cramping for the first time. Lots of pain and injuries healed. God’s goodness restored people into joy today!

July 17, 2014  Loveland CO

A woman arrived at conference with digestive problems from Leaky Gut Syndrome. She almost couldn’t come and had been in bed sick the first night. Stomach pain was called out and she stood up. No more pain or symptoms!

A woman said that she has had IBS and on Wednesday night Chuck asked if anyone had pain. Her colon was inflamed and hurting. So she stood up.  A co-worker who was with her prayed and she felt a cooling sensation spread across her midsection. Her colon no longer hurts and she didn’t have a heavy full feeling anymore.


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