May 5th 2014 Redding CA. Healing Rooms

A woman from Brazil  came to the Healing Rooms with a deformed arm (twisted). She was not in pain, and the deformity had been caused by an accident that she was in when she was seven years old. When she received prayer today, she felt her bones move inside of her arm, felt tingling, and her arm twisted back into its normal place 16 years after the accident.

 A man from Japan suffering from Spinocerebellar ataxia degeneration disease was able to jump today for the first time in four years after receiving prayer. He felt heat going through his body, and his walking improved.

A woman from Redding, CA  has had weak adrenal glands for about 40 years.  They have been acting up a lot the past few days because of her family’s move.  She said they were the worst they have ever been these past two days.  Her adrenal glands produce a lot of adrenaline, which makes her react to the smallest things.  She often feels angry over little things, etc.  When the team prayed for her, she felt like something was “picked out of her,” and then something was “placed into her.” She said it felt like a “transaction.”  Then she had a random thought that she wanted to go running, which she normally would never want to do because of the constant fatigue she experiences; normally the thought of making dinner would overwhelm her.  She felt that this was confirmation from the Lord that He had healed her.

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