June 7th 2014 Redding Healing Rooms

Skype testimony: A caller wrote, “My mom has been having dizziness and fainting, and is not hearing in one ear. Also, she is very weak.” The mom felt God’s peace enter her. The Lord gradually opened her ear during the Skype conversation!  Praise God! She also no longer felt dizzy or weak!

A woman from Redding, California, has had a hollow wisdom tooth for eight years.  Any time she touched it, the pain level was a “sharp- stabby” pain of 10 out of 10.  The team prayed for her, and she felt a “good type of pressure” when they laid hands on her jaw. Then she was sitting down soaking and tested out her tooth.  She could touch her tooth without experiencing any pain!

A woman from Twain Harte, California came two weeks ago for the healing school. Her floaters went away at the conference.  A few days later, she noticed her vision was blurry with her glasses on. She took off her glasses while she was driving, which she never does, she said, and her distance vision was restored.  She could read all of the signs perfectly. Now she needs to take off her glasses when looking in the distance. Her glasses are too strong now, and she noticed that her close up vision is gradually improving, as well. For example, she can read my nametag across the table, whereas before it would have been blurry.  She has worn glasses for 30 years.

A woman from Redding, California has had knee pain that has been off and on.  If she squats, the pain is really bad and at level 7 out of 10.  the prayer servant put her finger on her knee and said, “Bam,” and the pain decreased by half.  Then they took turns praying until all of the pain disappeared.  She tested it out by squatting, and there was no more pain.

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