January 25 · Redding, CA · Edited · He came to the Healing Rooms 2 weeks ago in a wheelchair, an Iraqi vet with multiple injuries. He couldn’t raise his arm without excruciating shoulder pain, but the next day he awoke and reached up without thinking and has complete, pain free movement. Feeling and control have returned to his hand and fingers. Next the ugly scars from bullet wounds, knee and back surgery began to disappear! Now he can stand up without pain and he walked 8 steps. He was being treated with chemo for a cancerous brain tumor that was pushing on his optic nerve, and was retested after he visited us. The doctors have asked him to come in again because those test results aren’t making sense. The cancer is not showing up! He can now see, think, and talk more clearly and is filled with joy, praising Jesus. I’m so impressed with the goodness of God!!

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