he was amazed at the simplicity of his healing….

Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015 Redding Healing Rooms

A man came into the Healing Rooms with dyslexia, and after receiving prayer he was able to read quickly for the first time in 19 years!

A man had one leg that was twisted and an inch shorter than the other because of a birth defect. After prayer the leg straightened out and grew to match the other leg in length.

A man came from OR whose feet have hurt for two years. They hurt from as soon as he steps out of bed, throughout the day, and get worse as the day progresses. When he received prayer this morning his feet started tingling (which is not normal) and the pain went down to zero. He expected there to be more hoops for him to jump through for him to receive healing, and he was amazed at the simplicity of his healing.

From the Skype Team:

Last week a man received prayer via Skype. The doctor had said he had kidney stones that could not be removed and an infection in his liver. When the doctor checked him this last week the kidney stones were not there and the infection was healed from his liver.

The ministry team prayed that morning that people would be healed before they received the call from the Healing Rooms. One man requested prayer for kidney stones. When the team called he didn’t pick up. He called back awhile later to say that he had been passing the kidney stones in the restroom and that was why he missed their call! His wife had strep throat and all her pain left after he put his hand on her throat and commanded the infection to go.

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