March 25, 2014 Dayton Ohio.     In the last 5 minutes of the meeting in a large church, I didn’t want to miss a chance at miracles so I asked everyone with pain or sickness to stand. Over 100 people responded. On impulse I asked them to do a prophetic act and reach out and push the lever and flush their condition ~ complete with sound effects. Everyone around them laughed and released God’s love on them for 30 seconds and they checked out their symptoms. Over 100 people waved their hands indicating those symptoms were GONE!

One woman had had a stroke last fall. She had no feeling in her whole left side, was deaf in her right ear, and had no peripheral vision. When she heard the flushing sound she felt a cool breeze on the back of her neck and down her left side. All feeling was restored, her deaf ear popped open, and peripheral vision returned!

God, You completely amaze me with Your radical, crazy love!

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