February 28, Healing Rooms, Redding CA

 February 28, 2015 

From the Prayer Recipient: 
A man from Cypress, TX had a lot of pain in both feet. The pain level was eight to ten. It was excruciating. He would have to massage his feet to get any comfort. The ministry team found him in the Healing Rooms. They had been looking for someone wearing a purple shirt who had foot problems. They also had a prophetic word for him about his life.  Now, all pain is gone!

A lady from England had a rotator cuff problem in her right shoulder for the past year. The pain level would usually be up to an eight. Now all pain is gone, and she has much better mobility. She couldn’t extend her arm horizontally, but now she can. She also felt a tremendous sense of peace come over her.

Skype testimony!

There was a man who called in over Skype who had a mass on his back. Now it’s completely gone.

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