February 21, 2015 Redding CA

February 21, 2015

From the Prayer Recipient: 

A lady from Medford, OR came to the healing rooms with something wrong on the back of her left knee for 6 months. Her pain level was 7 this morning before prayer. The prayer servant received a complete “diagnosis” for her hip all the way down her legs into the toes. It was perfect. They prayed two or three times. While being prayed for she had an open vision of solid stairs going up into heaven, surrounded by blue sky and clouds. The prayer servants told her to walk up the stairs. As she did, the pain completely diminished.

A man from Windsor, ON, Canada came because the ligament in his right knee has been worn out for 10 years. He was supposed to go this coming September for a total knee replacement. Also, his right leg was a little shorter than the left. The leg grew during prayer and he has no more pain.

A man came from Prince George, BC, Canada. Last Saturday he received prayer for a cyst on the tendon of the fourth finger of his left hand. The cyst was the size of 4 BB’s. He had it for three years. He noticed last night that the cyst is gone. Today he received prayer for his neck and shoulders. They have been damaged for 20 years due to being a welder. His neck would crack, crack, crack when he moved it side to side or front to back. His chiropractor has been treating him for 30 years, but could not solve the problem. The constant pain was at level 6-7. He felt heat in his neck when he first came into the lobby. One of the greeters prayed for him. He then received prayer in the Healing Room. Now his neck is totally normal with no pain and no cracking, and his shoulders feel lubricated. And now he has strength back in his right arm.


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