February 15, 2015, Redding Healing Rooms

February 15, 2015

A lady came from China. For five years, she had the symptoms of MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) and received the diagnosis of it a year ago. It affects the brain. It affected her writing. She could only swallow with difficulty and could not hold her bladder, and it was difficult to eliminate. It limited her movements and disturbed her sleep. She needed to wake up five to six times per night (sometimes even seven or eight). She couldn’t speak clearly, and her volume was very soft. She needed someone to help her stand up from a sitting or lying position. When she walked, she could not stop immediately and would slip if she tried to change directions. She came to Redding for the Healing School in January and has been coming to the Healing Rooms for the last three weeks. Many people have prayed for her here.  Ever since the healing school, her symptoms have been improving. She is able to sleep better. Now at night when she sleeps, she wakes only once or twice, so she is able to sleep deeply. She can swallow better. And previously she would throw up her food. Now she can keep it down. She can eliminate better, and she can hold her bladder now. Now she can speak and stand up on her own. When she walks now, she has more strength in her legs. She demonstrated today that she can stand from a sitting position on her own. Her back has more strength. She speaks better. She can speak clearly enough now for her husband to understand her. In the medical world, there is no cure for this sickness. Today in the Healing Rooms, she was lying on the floor. Someone laid hands on her forehead, and she felt heat. When a lady laid hands on her, she smelled the fragrance of myrrh (a scent with which she is familiar).

A woman with constant ache from Fibromyalgia felt a burning all through her body and oil appeared on her hands.  The aches and pains in her body left, her shoulder and knee pain were gone, and the pain from a bulging disc in her back disappeared.  She left with no pain at all.

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