March 14, 2014 New Mexico U S A     This little hero was bitten by a rattlesnake last summer on a rural ranch. He was only 11 months old. I was with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Tiff when the call came to PRAY! They rushed him a great distance to a hospital. 36 hours later he walked out completely fine, blowing the Toxicologist’s mind. I just got to meet him 6 months later and you can’t even March 14 New Mexicofind a scar. Thank You Jesus that Your life-giving power trumps death.


February 23, 2014  Columbus, Ohio     Oh my, so many miracles in Ohio! And I just fell in love with a whole great big new family here. And here’s a first: I saw a bunch of Amish folk filled with the Holy Spirit get wrecked in a Fire Tunnel. That was fun!


February 12, 2014 Near Redding CA.  I got to watch a man do squats who had been in a traumatic car wreck only a year ago. His tendons were severed, knee shattered, tibia split, femur broken. Metal rods and pins held him together, and he couldn’t bend, kneel, or walk, and was alway in pain. Suddenly he can walk, kneel, squat, and has NO PAIN! Jesus changed it all in a moment and gave him his life back! I love Jesus.


January 7, 2014 near Redding CA     A man wept as his deaf right ear opened up in the Healing Rooms. As we shared his healing over the mic, a man across the room took out the hearing aid in his “good” left ear and it and his deaf right ear opened at the same time. “You’re too LOUD,” he exclaimed as I asked him about it. We shared their stories in the next room over the mic and a woman came up who was deaf from birth in her right ear. Guess what? It popped open!! Who’s next?


Ministry Trip to France- October 2013

Report from one of our team members:

At La Rochelle:

Many people with floaters healed.

A blind eye recovered sight.

3 people had short legs grow out.

Christian (our host) had prayer for back problems and received healing, now able to touch his toes without pain; even 2 days later he still was without pain.


At Rennes:

Person suffering shoulder hip and knee pain. Pain left the hip and knee and reduced significantly to shoulder.

Irene healed from injury to shoulder and all pain gone. Several days later her husband told us she was still completely free from pain.


At Nantes:

Legs grew out thus relieving all back pain.

Words of knowledge released leading to healing to the worship drummer’s back and headache over the eyes.

Many touched with joy and laughter.