Healed from Lupus

December 14,2013 near Redding CA.     A husband embraced me with great joy today in the Healing Rooms. Last spring he brought his wife who was severely ill with lupus and we prayed for her. Today he told me she has been completely healthy since then! That’s Good News ~ Jesus rocks!


the woman in PinkNovember 22, 2014 ·

**Posted With Permission**
When these two women came into the Healing Rooms this morning, the woman in PINK was in the wheelchair. She had pain all over her body and had been suffering with fatigue and light sensitivity for the last six months. The pain and fatigue were so bad that, two weeks ago, she had to start using a wheelchair. As we prayed for her today, all of the pain left her body, the lights were no longer bothering her and she asked to get up out of the wheelchair. She began walking around the room and jumping up and down!!! She left the Healing Rooms pushing her friend in the wheelchair. She said that her friend has had to push her around for the last two weeks, so she wanted to push her for a change. GOD IS SO GOOD!!!


November 7, 2014 · Redding, CA ·

I had a sense that someone had a cancerous tumor so I asked. A woman had a frightening one on her breast so we told it to disappear. She felt strangely different and went to the rest room to inspect it. GONE! God took the fear, the pain, the tumor, and the financial anxiety away all in one moment of freedom, releasing peace, love and fresh hope in its place. Thank You, Jesus. That’s His goodness.


October 19, 2014 · Redding, CA ·

I met a couple with a baby in the Healing Rooms Saturday. She had been in pain with complications in her female organs for 8 years, unable to conceive, and the doctors finally told her they must do a complete hysterectomy. She came to the Healing Rooms 3 years ago and then went in for surgery. Doctors discovered everything had somehow “changed” inside and cancelled the hysterectomy, and the couple returned Saturday to Bethel to introduce me to their son, the beautiful, healthy, fat little miracle child! Thank You for Your goodness toward us, God! May this story of Your goodness heal barren wombs today.


September 9, 2014 Redding CA

A woman had her ear drum removed when she was 11 years old because of severe infection. In the Healing Rooms her ear opened up and she can hear with that same ear! It’s that Healer again, doing wonders. Jesus!


August 17, 2014 Redding CA 9 months ago I prayed for a 3 month old baby who had two, gross cancerous tumors on her eye. Today I got to hold her and look into her clear, tumor-free blue eyes! No greater thrill; the Healer is up to His miracles again…


August 12, 2014 USA She was riddled with pain, head to toe, so we started at the top with her headache. “What are you feeling that’s different?” I asked. She had a puzzled look that turned to a sweet expression of amazement and joy: “It’s GONE!” Then the bone spur in her neck and the restricted, painful movement. As she turned her head her eyes lit up: “There’s NO PAIN!” Next the hiatal hernia; again: “I can’t feel it. It doesn’t hurt!” One by one Jesus took her pain and I marveled at the radiant joy that replaced it on her face. You are beautiful, Jesus.

July 26th 2014 Redding Healing Rooms

 A woman received prayer for arthritis in her wrist and thumb. She’s had immobility for a year, but after receiving prayer she had complete restoration of mobility and was able to clap with no pain. She had gold dust all over her hands.

A man with cerebral palsy, who required a walker to walk, received prayer and was able to walk on his own.

A man from Santa Barbara, CA  had a walnut-sized lump on the back of his neck for over a year and pain at a level 4 or 5. Today the lump disappeared and his pain level went to 0.