How do You do it?  The way You keep pulling me into the NOW with these amazing moments that take my breath away. A sunset… While the world is pressing and compressing me, narrowing my options, just then I step outside and there it is… But You’d been spinning it for awhile while I didn’t …



“Rejoice in the Lord always…” (Philippians 4:4) There are times when joy defines us, when we take it as a military stance against the ravages of circumstance and fear. And there are times we watch our soul’s grip let go of it in the onslaught of powerlessness ~ too much unknown, too much gone awry. …

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EAST AFRICA 1994-1995

My first month in Africa is still a kaleidoscope of images: war was just over but near enough to touch in Rwanda; we could hear the thunder of bombs as we waited with two of our children at the airport in Bujumbura, Burundi; and the roads in Uganda had craters, while stuccoed walls were sprayed …

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