June 16, 2014

2 weeks ago in Redding my teamJune 16 2014 prayed over a handkerchief to send to a woman in her 30s with terminal cancer. I lost it so we prayed over another one and sent it off. A week later in St Petersburg, Russia I was getting ready to teach at a Healing Conference and discovered the hanky in my back pocket. Surprised, I sensed the Lord say: “It is for a woman in her 30s with cancer in the auditorium tonight.” So I asked the assembly of over 300 people if there was a woman in her 30s with cancer. Only the one lovely woman in this photo stood up, and when I gave her the hanky 50% of the intense pain in her body left immediately and she was filled with joy. The cancer had metastasized through her right side and she was on pain meds, so she stopped taking them. The next night ALL the pain left. She slept completely through the night PAIN FREE for the next 2 nights. Before she returned home (over 2 hours away by plane) she told me with joy & awe: “It’s a miracle! I didn’t ever know God thought about us like this.”


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