April 5, 2014 Redding Healing Rooms.    A woman from Roseville, California broke her neck in 2004 and has experienced back and neck pain ever since.  The team prayed, and the pain went from a 7 to a 5, and then from a 5 to a 3.  Then the pain went from a 3 to 0.  She can move it now with no pain. They also prayed for the four bulging discs in her lower back.  Usually the pain is at a 7 or an 8; now it is at a 1.  Last night she came to the service and got prayer for her diabetes. The number is normally at 600 (which is so severe a person with this level can go into a diabetic coma).  Then, this morning before she came to the Healing Rooms she checked it, and it was at 119.  It is normally over 300 in the morning.  She just checked again in the Healing Rooms after receiving prayer, and the number is 84, which is a normal number for someone without diabetes.

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