April 7, 2014, Switzerland     Another packed house last night with many miracles in Le Locle. One woman was hitchhiking to the hospital and was picked up by our host. (We’re staying in a huge stone farmhouse built in the 1600s) He invited her to the healing meeting and at the end we asked people to share what God had done. She came up beaming and hugged me, overflowing with joy as she said that ALL pain had left her back and she had just received her life back. Thank You God for that Divine setup.

Totally healed, five months after receiving prayer!

April 5, 2014 Redding Healing Rooms.    Last September a gentleman from Germany received prayer in the Healing Rooms for a food-related disease that he had had for 15 years. The disease kept him from eating many different types of food. When he received prayer back in September of 2013, there was no change or sign of healing. Then two months ago, five months after receiving prayer, he tried to eat what he couldn’t, and he was fine. Totally healed, five months after receiving prayer!  He came to back to share his testimony as an encouragement to those who don’t see immediate sings of healing.


April 5, 2014 Redding Healing Rooms.    A woman from Roseville, California broke her neck in 2004 and has experienced back and neck pain ever since.  The team prayed, and the pain went from a 7 to a 5, and then from a 5 to a 3.  Then the pain went from a 3 to 0.  She can move it now with no pain. They also prayed for the four bulging discs in her lower back.  Usually the pain is at a 7 or an 8; now it is at a 1.  Last night she came to the service and got prayer for her diabetes. The number is normally at 600 (which is so severe a person with this level can go into a diabetic coma).  Then, this morning before she came to the Healing Rooms she checked it, and it was at 119.  It is normally over 300 in the morning.  She just checked again in the Healing Rooms after receiving prayer, and the number is 84, which is a normal number for someone without diabetes.


March 25, 2014 Dayton Ohio.     In the last 5 minutes of the meeting in a large church, I didn’t want to miss a chance at miracles so I asked everyone with pain or sickness to stand. Over 100 people responded. On impulse I asked them to do a prophetic act and reach out and push the lever and flush their condition ~ complete with sound effects. Everyone around them laughed and released God’s love on them for 30 seconds and they checked out their symptoms. Over 100 people waved their hands indicating those symptoms were GONE!

One woman had had a stroke last fall. She had no feeling in her whole left side, was deaf in her right ear, and had no peripheral vision. When she heard the flushing sound she felt a cool breeze on the back of her neck and down her left side. All feeling was restored, her deaf ear popped open, and peripheral vision returned!

God, You completely amaze me with Your radical, crazy love!


March 22, 2014 Dayton Ohio.     Back in Ohio! Wow, so many healings: torn meniscus is doing deep knee squats, rheumatoid arthritis pain went from 9 to 0, heart disorder came into order, and on and on… Some healed as they simply experience His Presence. I think God loves Ohio.


March 14, 2014 New Mexico U S A     This little hero was bitten by a rattlesnake last summer on a rural ranch. He was only 11 months old. I was with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Tiff when the call came to PRAY! They rushed him a great distance to a hospital. 36 hours later he walked out completely fine, blowing the Toxicologist’s mind. I just got to meet him 6 months later and you can’t even March 14 New Mexicofind a scar. Thank You Jesus that Your life-giving power trumps death.


February 23, 2014  Columbus, Ohio     Oh my, so many miracles in Ohio! And I just fell in love with a whole great big new family here. And here’s a first: I saw a bunch of Amish folk filled with the Holy Spirit get wrecked in a Fire Tunnel. That was fun!


February 12, 2014 Near Redding CA.  I got to watch a man do squats who had been in a traumatic car wreck only a year ago. His tendons were severed, knee shattered, tibia split, femur broken. Metal rods and pins held him together, and he couldn’t bend, kneel, or walk, and was alway in pain. Suddenly he can walk, kneel, squat, and has NO PAIN! Jesus changed it all in a moment and gave him his life back! I love Jesus.