March 7th Healing Rooms, Redding CA

Saturday, March 7, 2015 

A man from Tucson Arizona came for healing for the whole of the right side of his body, particularly his right shoulder, which had been tight his whole life because of birth trauma.  After receiving prayer he received alignment in his hip and the whole of his right side opened up.  His arms came into alignment where before they had been unequal because of the tightness in his right shoulder.  His right leg grew out.  His body is now completely re-aligned.

A woman came for healing for plugged ears, which she had had for five years.  She had surgery when she was eighteen and the tubes were kept in for three years. After receiving prayer her hearing became completely clear and unmuffled.








Chuck Parry

March 1 at 11:24pm · Edited ·

It was an SAS strike which caused all the cancellations and diversions in my schedule (I got to eat in 3 different Business Lounges in 3 countries), so the agent told me my checked luggage may not make it and gave me some paperwork if I needed to register a complaint. But I chose to pray… and guess what? When my bag didn’t come out with the others from my flight I asked an agent and he said: “I see it right there on carousel 6.” It had beaten me to London and was waiting for me. Thank You, Jesus!

— at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

February 28, Healing Rooms, Redding CA

 February 28, 2015 

From the Prayer Recipient: 
A man from Cypress, TX had a lot of pain in both feet. The pain level was eight to ten. It was excruciating. He would have to massage his feet to get any comfort. The ministry team found him in the Healing Rooms. They had been looking for someone wearing a purple shirt who had foot problems. They also had a prophetic word for him about his life.  Now, all pain is gone!

A lady from England had a rotator cuff problem in her right shoulder for the past year. The pain level would usually be up to an eight. Now all pain is gone, and she has much better mobility. She couldn’t extend her arm horizontally, but now she can. She also felt a tremendous sense of peace come over her.

Skype testimony!

There was a man who called in over Skype who had a mass on his back. Now it’s completely gone.


February 22 · Pitt Meadows, Canada · One of the highlights of the weekend for me was going to the Bethel Healing Rooms Saturday morning. The really cool thing is for the last 3 year I haven’t been able to sleep flat, I had to sleep sitting up in a recliner to breathe properly, after receiving prayer Saturday morning I have been able to sleep in a bed again!!! I’m not totally healed yet I know God will finish what he started in me!!! Thank you God for being my healer!!!

February 21, 2015 Redding CA

February 21, 2015

From the Prayer Recipient: 

A lady from Medford, OR came to the healing rooms with something wrong on the back of her left knee for 6 months. Her pain level was 7 this morning before prayer. The prayer servant received a complete “diagnosis” for her hip all the way down her legs into the toes. It was perfect. They prayed two or three times. While being prayed for she had an open vision of solid stairs going up into heaven, surrounded by blue sky and clouds. The prayer servants told her to walk up the stairs. As she did, the pain completely diminished.

A man from Windsor, ON, Canada came because the ligament in his right knee has been worn out for 10 years. He was supposed to go this coming September for a total knee replacement. Also, his right leg was a little shorter than the left. The leg grew during prayer and he has no more pain.

A man came from Prince George, BC, Canada. Last Saturday he received prayer for a cyst on the tendon of the fourth finger of his left hand. The cyst was the size of 4 BB’s. He had it for three years. He noticed last night that the cyst is gone. Today he received prayer for his neck and shoulders. They have been damaged for 20 years due to being a welder. His neck would crack, crack, crack when he moved it side to side or front to back. His chiropractor has been treating him for 30 years, but could not solve the problem. The constant pain was at level 6-7. He felt heat in his neck when he first came into the lobby. One of the greeters prayed for him. He then received prayer in the Healing Room. Now his neck is totally normal with no pain and no cracking, and his shoulders feel lubricated. And now he has strength back in his right arm.


February 15, 2015, Redding Healing Rooms

February 15, 2015

A lady came from China. For five years, she had the symptoms of MSA (Multiple System Atrophy) and received the diagnosis of it a year ago. It affects the brain. It affected her writing. She could only swallow with difficulty and could not hold her bladder, and it was difficult to eliminate. It limited her movements and disturbed her sleep. She needed to wake up five to six times per night (sometimes even seven or eight). She couldn’t speak clearly, and her volume was very soft. She needed someone to help her stand up from a sitting or lying position. When she walked, she could not stop immediately and would slip if she tried to change directions. She came to Redding for the Healing School in January and has been coming to the Healing Rooms for the last three weeks. Many people have prayed for her here.  Ever since the healing school, her symptoms have been improving. She is able to sleep better. Now at night when she sleeps, she wakes only once or twice, so she is able to sleep deeply. She can swallow better. And previously she would throw up her food. Now she can keep it down. She can eliminate better, and she can hold her bladder now. Now she can speak and stand up on her own. When she walks now, she has more strength in her legs. She demonstrated today that she can stand from a sitting position on her own. Her back has more strength. She speaks better. She can speak clearly enough now for her husband to understand her. In the medical world, there is no cure for this sickness. Today in the Healing Rooms, she was lying on the floor. Someone laid hands on her forehead, and she felt heat. When a lady laid hands on her, she smelled the fragrance of myrrh (a scent with which she is familiar).

A woman with constant ache from Fibromyalgia felt a burning all through her body and oil appeared on her hands.  The aches and pains in her body left, her shoulder and knee pain were gone, and the pain from a bulging disc in her back disappeared.  She left with no pain at all.

Vision Restored

February 7, 2015 

A woman had poor eyesight since second grade that kept getting worse over the years (she is 24). She was diagnosed with astigmatism and her doctor told her she was legally blind. She received prayer last week and felt heat in her eyes. She felt burning in her eyes when she received prayer today. Then she was able to read five lines on vision chart, when she couldn’t read any of them before.


he was amazed at the simplicity of his healing….

Saturday, Jan. 31, 2015 Redding Healing Rooms

A man came into the Healing Rooms with dyslexia, and after receiving prayer he was able to read quickly for the first time in 19 years!

A man had one leg that was twisted and an inch shorter than the other because of a birth defect. After prayer the leg straightened out and grew to match the other leg in length.

A man came from OR whose feet have hurt for two years. They hurt from as soon as he steps out of bed, throughout the day, and get worse as the day progresses. When he received prayer this morning his feet started tingling (which is not normal) and the pain went down to zero. He expected there to be more hoops for him to jump through for him to receive healing, and he was amazed at the simplicity of his healing.

From the Skype Team:

Last week a man received prayer via Skype. The doctor had said he had kidney stones that could not be removed and an infection in his liver. When the doctor checked him this last week the kidney stones were not there and the infection was healed from his liver.

The ministry team prayed that morning that people would be healed before they received the call from the Healing Rooms. One man requested prayer for kidney stones. When the team called he didn’t pick up. He called back awhile later to say that he had been passing the kidney stones in the restroom and that was why he missed their call! His wife had strep throat and all her pain left after he put his hand on her throat and commanded the infection to go.