April 26, 2014 Redding CA. Healing Rooms

A woman from Brentwood, CA  has had problems with her knees for the past eight years and was scheduled to have two knee replacements next month. Both knees were bone on bone, with no cartilage. They bled inside and had to be drained periodically. She had braces on her legs to help her walk and she could not get up from sitting in a chair without using her hands to boost herself, and even then it would be very painful. She had a 10 out of 10 pain level this morning. After receiving prayer several times, she could walk without the braces, get out of chair without using her hands, and hold her leg straight out. Her knees were pain free as well!

 A lady from Redding, CA  has had severe dry eyes since 2012. She could only treat them with artificial tears because she was allergic to all the medications. She had a special tube inserted in her tear duct to try to moisten her left eye, but it did not help. When she cried the tears would just roll off her eyes and not moisten her eyes. Today she felt a heat all over her body when she received prayer and then her eyes teared up and felt 90% moister.

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