May 10th 2014 Redding CA. Healing Rooms 

 A man from Huntington Beach, CA  was a surfing instructor. A surfboard hit him and broke his neck last August. He had surgery and five metal plates were put in his neck. The doctors said the surgery failed and that he needed two more surgeries. He was also diagnosed with spinal stenosis. He hasn’t been able to move his neck very much since then. He could only move it side to side a little bit, and the pain would be at a level 8 when he would move his neck.  He came to the Healing Rooms to receive prayer for something other than his neck. In the Encountering the Healer class, the teacher asked who had problems with their neck. He raised his hand and tested it out. He discovered that he had full mobility with no pain!

A man from Los Osos, CA  came for prayer for mild scoliosis, knee pain, and a shoulder injury.  He hurt his left shoulder five years ago while he was wrestling. After receiving prayer, he could do a squat without shooting pain in his knee and push-ups without pain in his shoulder. Tension in his back left and his hips are aligned.

May 5th 2014 Redding CA. Healing Rooms

A woman from Brazil  came to the Healing Rooms with a deformed arm (twisted). She was not in pain, and the deformity had been caused by an accident that she was in when she was seven years old. When she received prayer today, she felt her bones move inside of her arm, felt tingling, and her arm twisted back into its normal place 16 years after the accident.

 A man from Japan suffering from Spinocerebellar ataxia degeneration disease was able to jump today for the first time in four years after receiving prayer. He felt heat going through his body, and his walking improved.

A woman from Redding, CA  has had weak adrenal glands for about 40 years.  They have been acting up a lot the past few days because of her family’s move.  She said they were the worst they have ever been these past two days.  Her adrenal glands produce a lot of adrenaline, which makes her react to the smallest things.  She often feels angry over little things, etc.  When the team prayed for her, she felt like something was “picked out of her,” and then something was “placed into her.” She said it felt like a “transaction.”  Then she had a random thought that she wanted to go running, which she normally would never want to do because of the constant fatigue she experiences; normally the thought of making dinner would overwhelm her.  She felt that this was confirmation from the Lord that He had healed her.

April 26, 2014 Redding CA. Healing Rooms

A woman from Brentwood, CA  has had problems with her knees for the past eight years and was scheduled to have two knee replacements next month. Both knees were bone on bone, with no cartilage. They bled inside and had to be drained periodically. She had braces on her legs to help her walk and she could not get up from sitting in a chair without using her hands to boost herself, and even then it would be very painful. She had a 10 out of 10 pain level this morning. After receiving prayer several times, she could walk without the braces, get out of chair without using her hands, and hold her leg straight out. Her knees were pain free as well!

 A lady from Redding, CA  has had severe dry eyes since 2012. She could only treat them with artificial tears because she was allergic to all the medications. She had a special tube inserted in her tear duct to try to moisten her left eye, but it did not help. When she cried the tears would just roll off her eyes and not moisten her eyes. Today she felt a heat all over her body when she received prayer and then her eyes teared up and felt 90% moister.

April 19, 2014 Redding CA Healing Rooms


A woman from Pasadena, CA. was in the Encountering the Healer Room, when she felt heat in her neck. While she was waiting for prayer servants in the Encounter Room, her hearing aids became full of static. So she took them out to adjust them and realized she could hear the same without them in her ears. She has worn hearing aids in both ears for the last five years. She is now fully healed and does not need her hearing aids to hear.

A woman from New York, New York came in with an autoimmune disorder that presents with severely dry eyes. She has had symptoms for about five years and hasn’t been able to use contacts for the last year because of it. After prayer, her eyes are now moist, her vision is clearer, and she is able to put in her contact lenses with comfort. She left healed and seeing clearer than she has before.

Another woman had “drop foot” related to MS and was using a cane to help her walk. She had to drag her foot, could not dance, and could not lift her leg. After prayer, she was able to lift her leg and walk without the cane.

Redding Healing Rooms

April 12, 2014 Redding CA Healing Rooms

A man from Ridgefield, WA came to the healing rooms. He had back and neck problems, so the prayer servants suggested they check the length of his legs.  They found one leg was shorter than the other so they prayed and as it grew out he felt the joy of the Lord.  When he stood up he felt that his spine, which was previously curved, was straight. He could stand up straight and his shoulders were level with each other.

He also had dyslexia his whole life. As they prayed for him he felt a sensation of fire and water on his mind and also like he was getting a new body, soul, and spirit.  He tested it out by reading a book and was able to read faster than he ever has before!


April 12, 2014  A woman from Fountain Hills, AZ came into the healing rooms today. She has had ear problems most of her life, but she didn’t come in specifically for prayer for her hearing. She had a titanium inner ear implanted ten years ago and it stopped working a few years ago, so she could not hear out of that ear.  In the Encounter Room she felt air going out of her ear and then realized she could hear! She did come in to receive prayer for pain she had in her hands and neck caused by a bus accident in 1963.  The bus she was in rolled over a mountainside. Today the pain level of 8 in her hands and 5 in her neck disappeared after prayer.


April 10, 2014   Switzerland.     A woman came back the second night we were in Aubonne and said her daughter caught her walking down stairs without holding on, limping, or in pain. She wrote: “Thank you so much ~ for the first time in 6 years I don’t feel any pain in my body: my legs, my feet, and my hips two sides. What a great victory… 2.5 months after staying in bed, no walking possible, and terrible pain for the rewalking. And today it stopped. Hallelujah!… Everywhere I go or am now I open my hands and listen to the Holy Spirit to see what He wants to do. At home, in the train, in the church ….I get totally addicted.” Merci Jesus. Healing’s gonna break out…