July 14 – 17, 2014 Rez Healing Conference

July 14 – 17, 2014  Rez Healing Conference

Loveland. CO. USA

A man came whose ankle was crushed by a horse into 21 pieces. It has been fused for 30

July 17 Lovelandyears and in pain and stiff. The pain is gone and the ankle has movement

A woman came in with lower back pain and pain in her right knee. She was healed as soon as the crew spike about her pain. Chuck put hi hand on her head and she felt her brain move….. she doesn’t know what that means but she loved how God massaged her brain lol!

A woman came in who’s right knee and leg were always inflamed and stiff. After prayer she felt the swelling leave and she said that it now feels light and free.


July 12th 2014 Redding Healing Rooms

A father testified that a little over three years ago his wife was told she miscarried her baby. She got prayer at Bethel while the baby was still in the womb and their baby Joy was born a few months later. The girl is 2.4 years old now.

July 5th 2014 Redding Healing Rooms

A lady from Kernan, CA broke her back six years ago as she was carrying boxes at the end of a school year. Ever since then, she couldn’t lift her arms above her shoulders without excruciating pain. In the Encountering the Healer class, the teacher, told the class to close their eyes and let the Holy Spirit come in. She did and felt the Holy Spirit. Then she was able to raise her arms up all the way without pain!


June 16, 2014

2 weeks ago in Redding my teamJune 16 2014 prayed over a handkerchief to send to a woman in her 30s with terminal cancer. I lost it so we prayed over another one and sent it off. A week later in St Petersburg, Russia I was getting ready to teach at a Healing Conference and discovered the hanky in my back pocket. Surprised, I sensed the Lord say: “It is for a woman in her 30s with cancer in the auditorium tonight.” So I asked the assembly of over 300 people if there was a woman in her 30s with cancer. Only the one lovely woman in this photo stood up, and when I gave her the hanky 50% of the intense pain in her body left immediately and she was filled with joy. The cancer had metastasized through her right side and she was on pain meds, so she stopped taking them. The next night ALL the pain left. She slept completely through the night PAIN FREE for the next 2 nights. Before she returned home (over 2 hours away by plane) she told me with joy & awe: “It’s a miracle! I didn’t ever know God thought about us like this.”


St Petersburg Russia

June 12, 2014  People healed in God’s Presence during worship in the morning; more people healed as they “danced and/or walked through the River” after lunch with no one praying for them; even more people healed as we called out Words of Knowledge and they stood in response in the evening; and the way most healed as we and those who had not been healed cheered, danced and celebrated the breakthrough of those who had already received their miracle, while the band played a rousing number. And then a woman came up with tears in her eyes and said: “The pain ~ it’s ALL GONE!!!” I love playing the “works that I do… ” game with Jesus.

June 7th 2014 Redding Healing Rooms

Skype testimony: A caller wrote, “My mom has been having dizziness and fainting, and is not hearing in one ear. Also, she is very weak.” The mom felt God’s peace enter her. The Lord gradually opened her ear during the Skype conversation!  Praise God! She also no longer felt dizzy or weak!

A woman from Redding, California, has had a hollow wisdom tooth for eight years.  Any time she touched it, the pain level was a “sharp- stabby” pain of 10 out of 10.  The team prayed for her, and she felt a “good type of pressure” when they laid hands on her jaw. Then she was sitting down soaking and tested out her tooth.  She could touch her tooth without experiencing any pain!

A woman from Twain Harte, California came two weeks ago for the healing school. Her floaters went away at the conference.  A few days later, she noticed her vision was blurry with her glasses on. She took off her glasses while she was driving, which she never does, she said, and her distance vision was restored.  She could read all of the signs perfectly. Now she needs to take off her glasses when looking in the distance. Her glasses are too strong now, and she noticed that her close up vision is gradually improving, as well. For example, she can read my nametag across the table, whereas before it would have been blurry.  She has worn glasses for 30 years.

A woman from Redding, California has had knee pain that has been off and on.  If she squats, the pain is really bad and at level 7 out of 10.  the prayer servant put her finger on her knee and said, “Bam,” and the pain decreased by half.  Then they took turns praying until all of the pain disappeared.  She tested it out by squatting, and there was no more pain.

May 17th – 24th, 2014 Healing School, Redding, CA

A man from Victorville, CA came to the healing rooms his hands had been stiff, painful, and “locked up,” causing trouble at work. As he walked into the building, they stopped hurting, and full mobility was restored.

A woman from Victorville, CA  had sciatic nerve and chronic back pain, always felt a wall, but when the teacher in  Encountering the Healer was speaking truths about healing, she received them and felt heat and tingling going through her sciatic nerve and her back, and her pain lessened. Then, as she received prayer in the Healing Rooms, the prayer servants directed her to “woof, woof,” and her back pain decreased even more. Then they had her husband blow on the remaining cramped, stiff and painful area, and she felt her whole back relax and all the pain left.

Missing tooth replaced!  Last night our team prayed for a woman missing two teeth and she woke up this morning with a fully formed, brand new tooth in her mouth. Next ones coming… That’s remarkable. That’s Jesus!

700 people went through our Healing Rooms in three and a half hours tonight: deaf ears opened, pain left all parts of bodies, shoulders, necks, backs, knees all HEALED!! Thanks to all our amazing teams who showed up and mostly to Jesus who always shows up.

May 19th 2014  510 people were healed in our first night of Bethel’s Healing School (The Hem of His Garment) out of a group of around 700. One man who had a titanium strap across his neck can no longer feel it and has full motion now. Another man tore his rotator cuff last week which needed surgery and couldn’t raise his arms, but now he can with NO pain. The Healer showed up at the Healing School! Jesus rocks!

Praying for a man’s knee when we all smelled the distinct odor of burning metal! He felt around but could no longer find the screws there; instead he FELT metal turning into bone. (What does THAT feel like??) Then he could bend his knee and walk with NO pain for the first time since surgery. How does God do that? He’s amazing.