October 19, 2014 · Redding, CA ·

I met a couple with a baby in the Healing Rooms Saturday. She had been in pain with complications in her female organs for 8 years, unable to conceive, and the doctors finally told her they must do a complete hysterectomy. She came to the Healing Rooms 3 years ago and then went in for surgery. Doctors discovered everything had somehow “changed” inside and cancelled the hysterectomy, and the couple returned Saturday to Bethel to introduce me to their son, the beautiful, healthy, fat little miracle child! Thank You for Your goodness toward us, God! May this story of Your goodness heal barren wombs today.


September 9, 2014 Redding CA

A woman had her ear drum removed when she was 11 years old because of severe infection. In the Healing Rooms her ear opened up and she can hear with that same ear! It’s that Healer again, doing wonders. Jesus!


August 17, 2014 Redding CA 9 months ago I prayed for a 3 month old baby who had two, gross cancerous tumors on her eye. Today I got to hold her and look into her clear, tumor-free blue eyes! No greater thrill; the Healer is up to His miracles again…


August 12, 2014 USA She was riddled with pain, head to toe, so we started at the top with her headache. “What are you feeling that’s different?” I asked. She had a puzzled look that turned to a sweet expression of amazement and joy: “It’s GONE!” Then the bone spur in her neck and the restricted, painful movement. As she turned her head her eyes lit up: “There’s NO PAIN!” Next the hiatal hernia; again: “I can’t feel it. It doesn’t hurt!” One by one Jesus took her pain and I marveled at the radiant joy that replaced it on her face. You are beautiful, Jesus.

July 26th 2014 Redding Healing Rooms

 A woman received prayer for arthritis in her wrist and thumb. She’s had immobility for a year, but after receiving prayer she had complete restoration of mobility and was able to clap with no pain. She had gold dust all over her hands.

A man with cerebral palsy, who required a walker to walk, received prayer and was able to walk on his own.

A man from Santa Barbara, CA  had a walnut-sized lump on the back of his neck for over a year and pain at a level 4 or 5. Today the lump disappeared and his pain level went to 0.

July 19th 2014 Redding Healing Rooms

A woman here for school of worship came in today with no intention of asking for prayer for being bow-legged her entire life, but she heard the Lord say to write it down as she began feeling something different in her legs during the first class. After she was received prayer, she sat down on the floor and realized her legs were straight!

A woman with torn cartilage in her knee could not run or jump but is now able jump and jog around.

The clot in someone’s leg dissolved and the feeling returned to the feet


 Rez Healing Conference

Loveland. CO. USA

Tumors and cysts dissolved today ~ they just went! Woman with cancer experienced all the severe pain in her bones leave. Another woman’s brain was injured when cancer was treated by chemo and she FELT both sides of her brain come back together! A woman born without a uterus started cramping for the first time. Lots of pain and injuries healed. God’s goodness restored people into joy today!

July 17, 2014  Loveland CO

A woman arrived at conference with digestive problems from Leaky Gut Syndrome. She almost couldn’t come and had been in bed sick the first night. Stomach pain was called out and she stood up. No more pain or symptoms!

A woman said that she has had IBS and on Wednesday night Chuck asked if anyone had pain. Her colon was inflamed and hurting. So she stood up.  A co-worker who was with her prayed and she felt a cooling sensation spread across her midsection. Her colon no longer hurts and she didn’t have a heavy full feeling anymore.



July 17, 2014  Rez Healing Conference

Loveland. CO. USA

ly 14 Loveland Co

A man said that he was battling a fresh cold virus when he cam in on Wednesday evening. His throat was sore. When he received ministry the sore throat left and the rest of the symptoms were gone by Friday afternoon.


A man came to the conference and he had hit his thumb with a hammer TWICE! The day before. He thought it was broken because it was swollen and purple and extremely sore. At the conference on Wed night he was being prayed for, for something else and afterwards he noticed that his thumb was no longer hurting. The color was the same as his other fingers and the swelling had gone! All that was left was a little bit of bruising under the nail. Praise God!