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I live to see people’s eyes opened and their minds renewed to the Abundance of Heaven within and all around us. Too long has the heavy pall of lies, lack, and limitation covered not only the earth, but also His Church with joyless oppression. Jesus mightily overcame sin, sickness, death, and hopelessness. He opened Heaven and gives it to us so we can transform the world around us with its abundance, beauty, generosity, healing, wholeness, joy, power, love, light, fullness, hope..

“Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the Glory of the Lord is risen upon you.”


Chuck Parry was brought out of the psychedelic drug culture through a radical, personal encounter with Jesus in 1972. For five years he grew in a supernatural relationship with God before he ever met any Christian Believers, finally coming into an understanding of salvation through attending Holy Ghost prayer meetings in a small Western Colorado farm town during the Charismatic Renewal of the ’70s. In 1978 he was powerfully baptized in the Holy Spirit and spent that entire day prophesying to strangers and seeing them get saved, healed and set free.

Chuck’s life is marked with both faith and the miraculous: over one winter his car got 320 miles to the gallon, he’s seen food multiplied on numerous occasions, storms move out of the way, miraculous finances and the supplies of Heaven released, dead people come back to life, metal dissolve from bodies, and countless sick and injured healed.

As a public high school shop teacher in the ’80s Chuck introduced many of his students to Jesus, marking them through life-changing encounters with the Holy Spirit. This happened both in the school, as students were “slain in the Spirit” and had personal dramatic encounters with God, as well as in the mountains where Chuck led them on three-day backpacking adventures into supernatural experiences with God.

In 1988 he and his wife Linda started The Jesus Center, a community of spiritual adventurers disguised as a church. This grew from 3 families to around 100 adults and 50 children. 57% of the church budget went to outreach and missions, as Chuck led teams regularly into Russia & Africa on both short- and long-term missions, as well as leading pastors’ conferences and teaching in ministry schools. They also went into the parks, streets, homes, and jails in several rural counties of Western Colorado.

While in Ridgway, CO they started the Bread of Life Kitchen in 1992 as an outreach to the nomadic Rainbow Family of Living Light at their huge gatherings of 30,000 counterculture, New Age and pagan celebrants who meet in a national forest for several weeks every year prior to the Fourth of July. Chuck & Linda began feeding them and grew from a tiny kitchen into a major village of 150 + who join them each year, seeing miraculous multiplication of food, money, water, and many healing & creative miracles.

From 1998 until 2008 they pastored The Telluride Christian Fellowship in the ski resort of Telluride, CO. They began re-parenting young people – skiers, snowboarders, street people, and others – and soon had a houseful every night at suppertime. Due to the high transient rate in a resort town, they started a School of the Spirit with 3 month sessions, teaching, activating & empowering young people to live and walk in the Spirit.

Place of Residence and Ministry Position

Desiring greater apostolic connection, they moved to Redding, CA to be part of Bethel Church and experience the School of Supernatural Ministry. Chuck became involved with Bethel Healing Rooms, was part of the leadership team, and now fills the Associate Director role. His vision is to encourage, activate & empower awakening believers and to serve the church internationally to see it become “the fullness of Him who fills all in all.”

Chuck now lives in Redding, California with his wife Linda, their daughter Grace, and four grandchildren, Christopher, Chiara, Aiden and Arion. His other grown children, Faith and Jesse, continue to live in Colorado

In 2011 he published his book: ‘Free Falling’ ~ True Stories of One Man’s Leap into the Miraculous: see ‘Store’ tab for purchase details.


Itinerary 2017

February   09-13                    Healing Institute, Oron, Vaud, Switzerland

February   20-21                    Ywam, Redding, United States

March   2-6                            Healed Conference, Charleston, South Carolina; Washington D.C

April   6-11                             G-Movement,Thun, Switzerland

April   12-14                           New York, New York, United States

June   25-30                           Your Kingdom Come, Ashington, West Sussex, England

July   11-21                             Caribbean Islands

September   15-18                Quebec, Canada

October   25-30                     Toulouse, France





Free Falling Book CoverFree Falling

by: Chuck Parry

When you find yourself feeling like you’re standing in the open door of a plane at 10,000 feet, and the pit of your stomach is somewhere in your throat, and you’re looking out into open space with nothing more tangible before you than air, and it’s time to leap out into it, and you think you have a parachute in the pack on your back and you’re almost certain it will open, then you can be sure the adventure is about to begin.

That’s how Church Parry always felt when leaping into the miraculous. The unseen realm is just too invisible, and we can’t grab hold of it very securely. But it’s definitely what we were created for.

Enjoy 70 stories of supernatural adventures with God and miracle testimonies in the author’s experience from 1972 to 2008.

Order – US $15 French Version: ‘Chute Libre’ Order – 20 euros


Drunk got to do cover

What’s Drunk Got to do with It?

by: Chuck Parry

Order CD or MP3 download – Listen to a Sample

Teaching on how Chuck Parry walks continuously ‘Filled’.

“For by one Spirit we were all baptized into one body …. and we were all given to drink of that one Spirit.” Chuck Parry helps us access that personal intimate place with the Holy Spirit where we go outside the parameters of our own comfort and dive into the “glorious liverty of the children of God.” Drinking of that one Spirit is about having an intimate, experiential encounter with God. You are invited to be still and let God be God!

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Stepping into the testimony CoverStepping Into The Testimony

by: Chuck Parry

Order CD or MP3 download

Pregnant with prophetic imagery, the Old Testament dramatically foreshadows Christ. In this teaching, Chuck Parry takes us on a journey through Joshua chapter 3, showing that we in Christ are a free-born people, a priestly people, a people who carry the Presence of God. Our journey with Jesus is mirrored in the Israelites’ journey with Yeshua across the Jordan River. Just like they exited the wilderness and stepped into the Promised Land, so we too are invited into the place where all the promises of God are yes and amen. This joy-filled and powerful revelatory teaching will encourage you to recognize the stones of remembrance in your life and inspire you to enter into fuller supernatural experience of all God’s promises!

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Bethel Ministry Team Training CoverBethel Ministry Team Training

by Chuck Parry & Chris Gore.

Order Manual, PDF or MP3 Download

Eight hours of inspired teaching by Chris Gore, the Director of Bethel Healing Ministries & Chuck Parry, the Associate Director of the Healing Rooms!

These sessions—plus a relationship with the Holy Spirit and God’s Word—equip all our ministry teams at Bethel Church to walk in joy-filled wonder, humility, love and power as we see sickness flee, wounded bodies healed, and all the goodness of heaven invade the lives of those we pray for and serve. Jesus paid the greatest price on the cross for our full salvation, healing and deliverance, and our goal is to activate others to see Him receive His full reward.

Session 1 A Solid Foundation
Session 2 Our Prayer Model: Praying from Heaven
Session 3 Living From Heaven—in Humility
Session 4 The Power of the Testimony

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bethel healing school hem of his garment CoverBethel Healing School – The Hem of His Garment May 2014

Bill Johnson, Chris Gore, Chris Overstreet, Chuck Parry, Danny Silk, Dawna De Silva, Eric Johnson, Kevin Dedmon, Seth Dahl

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The Healing Schools are led by Chris Gore, the director of Bethel’s Healing Rooms Ministries, where people come from all over the globe to receive ministry, and where the miraculous power of Jesus and creative miracles have become common and expected. Each of the schools’ speakers is a leader in Bethel’s healing movement, and all are sought internationally for both their experience and the powerful ways in which God uses them. Sessions will teach, impart and activate the healing gifts, increase understanding of how to carry the anointing, and explain how to create an atmosphere of faith. Also, pastors and ministry leaders will learn ways to cultivate and maintain an atmosphere conducive to healing in their churches and ministries.


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Renewing our minds to transform the world CoverRenewing Our Minds to Transform the World

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“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can prove what is the good and pleasing and perfect will of God.” (Romans 12:2)

Transformed people transform culture! In this teaching, Chuck Parry shares how we can shift our mindset from the world’s pattern of lack and limitation to Heaven’s standard of boundless abundance. As we begin to access the mind of Christ, we are able to release the full range of that abundance into the earth, bringing the miraculous atmosphere of Heaven into our ministry, health, relationships and economy!


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